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Evidence Audio Blackrock SquarePlug Cable Kit


Evidence Audio Blackrock/SquarePlug 10+10 Cable Kit


What you get.... 

  • 10 feet of Evidence Audio Blackrock installation cable
  • 10 KMMK SquarePlug SP400 connectors in black
  • Wire stripping tool (not pictured)
  • Our undying appreciation and thanks for your purchase.


Blackrock is a compact cable at 4mm outer diameter perfect for analog audio runs that require a smaller form factor. It uses the same conductors found in the Reveal and Forte cables, just with a smaller jacket for use in tighter places such as on pedalboards or in rack systems. The size and design is identical to Monorail cable but the single solid-core center conductor is replaced with an IGL-ECS conductor.


SP400 is a modern and functionally superior iteration of the original ‘pancake’ design introduced by Switchcraft in the 1960’s. Since its inception in 2017, SP400 and all subsequent SP and SPS models have set a new standard in low profile audio connectivity.



Evidence Audio Blackrock SquarePlug Cable Kit

SKU : BR10+10
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