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Shubb Replacement Sleeve Single Unit


R2 fits all of our model 2 and model 3 capos, (except FineTune capos.)


A Shubb Capo is made to last a lifetime. But with heavy use over years the rubber sleeve can show signs of wear, and lose some of its famous resilience. But you don’t throw away a Mercedes when the tires wear out. In many cases, a replacement rubber sleeve can make your old capo as good as new.


We want that old capo of yours to be in top shape, so we charge only $1.49CAD each for replacement sleeves, which is less than the postage we pay to send them to you.


C2, C2n, C2b, C2k, C2g, S2, L2,
C3, C3n, C3b, C3k, C3g, S3, L3.


replacement sleeve – R2 (2.25″)

Shubb Replacement Sleeve Single Unit

SKU: R12-S
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