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STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings is a versatile Guitar String Lubricant that is the Ultimate Dry Lubricant with Built-in Cleaning and Conditioning


7 oz. aerosol


  • Tri-Boundary Micro Film Guitar String Lubricant and Conditioner that penetrates to the core of wound strings to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Dry-to-touch after application without that oily-sticky feel
  • No more messy applicators, grease, graphite powders or talc
  • Will not degrade or gum up strings unlike other guitar string lubricants
  • Self-leveling: does not build up after repeated application
  • Reduces string breakage by reducing string binding
  • Improves string flexibility and response
  • Shortens new string break-in time
  • Promotes tuning stability and proper intonation by lubricating nut and bridge

STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings

SKU: SS11107
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