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 1 1/8" long - 1" wide -  3.0 mm -


A smaller size pick.  Same shape as the Joker, but this one is 3.0mm.  


Note:  Colors may vary due to availability of materials.


Wow! This is the pick a lot of you have been waiting for.


It has been a long time since we have been this excited about a new pick model. We love all our picks and are very proud the day we release them to you all, but this one, well, this one is a knock out! It reminds me very much of the old Mind picks from the 70s. Those were some real keepers. And I have friends that still have them. They were a big inspiration for me to start making picks back in 1980.


The Jester is a tear drop shaped pick. Exactly the same dimensions as the Joker, except this one is 3.0mm thick.


SO easy to hold on to. Yet it tucks away so nicely when you want to just finger pick.


The sound? Magnificent. It makes your notes bloom and sing. Not too bright or brittle sounding. This is due to the 3.0mm creating the “slow point of release”. Bottom end is tight sounding and the midrange is perfect.


If you hold the pick very lightly, it whispers. But if you really get on it, wow, it pushes your signal into clipping very easily. It is almost as if this pick has a brain!


This tear drop shape renders great rhythm options. And leads seem easier and more fluid.


The Jester sports the “grip” that V-PICKS have been well known for. As the material warms to your touch, the pick begins to cling or “grip” to your fingers. This allows you to release all pressure on your pick, relax your hand, wrist and arm and become free of the “death grip”. That is a rut we have all gotten ourselves into sometime in our careers. V-PICKS can change all that for you and this new Jester is a great tool to help you in becoming the guitarist you have been wanting to be. I am saying that because that is what has happened to me.


V-Picks Jester

SKU: Jester
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