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1.5mm –  1 1/8″ wide  -  1 3/16″ long –


First we take extra time to expertly and masterfully grind V-PICKS. We have this method down to an art. This is not easy and takes years to learn to do it correctly.  I first started making picks like this in 1980. V-PICKS are the FIRST and ORIGINAL company to make this product available to you. We were the first ones hand making cast acrylic picks (all others were extruded and molded) and we excel above all the rest in doing so.  


The Tradition series was born out of requests by some of our artists asking for a guitar pick shaped like what they have been used to playing for the last 40 years. This is it! For all of you old dogs out there, you will LOVE this pick. More volume, better tone, and you will not drop this guitar pick! It will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms it up. NO MORE DROPPED PICKS!!! The Tradition Lite is 1.5mm no flex at all. Just like a Fender Extra Heavy on steroids.  


Great for electric or acoustic playing. Lead or rhythms. Also a great mandolin pick. Once you play this pick, you will realize you have been leaving a lot of sound inside your instrument. So if you want a pick that is like your Fender Extra Heavy on Steroids, this is the pick for you! It really packs a punch!

V-Picks Tradition Light Sapphire Blue

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