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Augustine Regal Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings


"IMPERIAL AND REGAL TREBLE SERIES Because of their brilliant projection and clear, bell-like tone, Augustine Imperial and Regal Treble Strings are the preferred choice of nearly all of Augustine’s endorsing artists. With a clearer, slightly more rigid nylon formula referred to as “Cristal” these are considered by many to be the ultimate in nylon treble strings for the classical guitar. They boast perfect intonation, long life, excellent ability to hold tuning, and have unparalleled tonal quality.


The Imperial string falls in the category of a “medium tension” treble, while the Regal string is a “high tension” string. Their material makeup is identical – they differ only in diameter. Tension is always a matter of a guitarist’s personal preference for feel and what responds best on their specific instrument. In general, a higher tension string will be louder, but this is not always the case – some instruments, especially older guitars, were designed to have less tension on the bridge, top, and bracing, and using a string that is too high in tension stresses these instruments to the point where there is a loss of volume and sustain. Additionally, all instruments have different inherent bass and treble response. Some guitars will achieve greatest balance with a high-tension treble and a medium-tension bass. It is for this reason that all Augustine treble strings, Classic, Imperial, and Regal can be matched with any Augustine Bass string.


  • Classical String Set
  • Extra High Tension Trebles
  • Cristal Nylon
  • Medium Tension Basses
  • Silver Plated Basses"

Augustine Regal Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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