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Cioks 2200 Flex Adapter Cable


Length: 10cm / 4 Inches


Female RCA socket centre positive straight / I-shape


This special Flex cable as the name implies makes a series connection of two outlets of CIOKS power supply.  A series connection adds the voltages of the two outlets used.  If you use it with two 9V oulets you will get 18V.  You can use the series Flex adapter with any of the standard Flex cables to match the type, size and polarity of the pedal's power input socket.  It is recommended to use two outlets with the same current rating.  If you use two9V outlets with the 100mA rating you will have 18V and still 100mA when using Series Flex adapter.  If you use two 12V outlets you will have 24V entering the pedal.  If you wish to double the current please have a look at the parallel Flex adapter model 8800.

Cioks 2200 Flex Adapter Cable

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