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Evidence Audio FTRS15 Forte Instrument Cable


15' Right Angle to Straight


The Forte is a guitar cable that faithfully passes your music along, without change, in a flexible, rugged design.

 Our proprietary IGL-ECS (Increased Grain Linearity) utilizes copper conductors for positive and negative runs for the signal path.

 The negative effects of strand interaction are eliminated from the guitar signal by putting an enamel coating over the individual strands of the conductors. This allows the conductors to measure and sound like a single solid-core conductor, yet retain the flexibility and ruggedness of a cable using stranded conductors.

 The braided shield provides outstanding noise rejection and is attached at one end only to bleed interference to ground.

 These key differences in design allow what comes out of the cable to match what goes into the cable and feel completely flexible without any trade-offs in usability.

Evidence Audio FTRS15 Forte Instrument Cable

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