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Evidence Audio Siren 2 Speaker Cable


3 foot length, Speakon Connectors


 The Siren Speaker Cable applies the design priorities of Evidence Audio to a cable that can handle the demands of an amplified signal without adding distortion through strand interaction.

 While line-level cables can avoid the smearing caused by skin effect using a 20-awg conductor, a single 20-awg conductor does not offer enough cross-sectional area to keep the wattage of your signal from turning into heat. The solution is to use three audio optimized conductors for positive, and three for negative in a helical array to lower resistance and provide ample dampening between an amplifier and the speaker drivers.

 The helical array provides a twisted-pair geometry balancing inductance and capacitance for a very dynamic sound, and the open-core design further spaces the conductors from each other to greatly reduce any magnetic interaction between them.



 Our proprietary high-purity IGL copper conductors exceed IACS conductivity standards for annealed copper, producing distortion-free midrange and high frequencies.

 Solid-core conductors eliminate the negative effects of strand interaction on the audio signal.

 Six individually insulated 20 awg conductors keep skin-effect distortions outside of the audible spectrum.

 Our open-core design provides twisted-pair geometry with spacing between poles for reduced magnetic interaction, delivering dynamic and dimensional sound.

 Polypropylene insulation holds conductors rigid to minimize electro-magnetic modulation of the conductors.

Evidence Audio Siren 2 Speaker Cable

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