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Loxx Wide Spacing Guitar Strap Locks Chrome


7mm gap to allow installation on extra thick straps.


Even under extreme use, the carefully thought out construction and the high-quality materials inside of LOXX® ensure safe handling of your instrument. At the same time, LOXX® is totally easy to install.  By screwing the LOXX® ball pin into your guitar, you can fasten and unfasten your strap with just one hand.


LOXX® closes and locks automatically. The perfectly designed stainless steel spring (similar to a tow-bar) fits snugly around the standardized ball head of the lower part. The smart mechanism will not open unless the cap of the upper part is lifted and the ball head is released.  LOXX® is reliable in its use, it is manufactured sustainably and surprises time and again with its innovative design.


Only by Schaeffertec – Made in Germany!

Loxx Wide Spacing Guitar Strap Locks Chrome

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