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Augustine Classic Med Tension Classical Guitar Strings


"CLASSIC TREBLE SERIES In 1946, Albert Augustine developed and introduced the world’s first nylon classical guitar string as an alternative to the natural animal gut strings that had been the standard. The string was developed with the advice and feedback of Andrés Segovia, the most renowned classical guitarist of the 20th Century. Modern extrusion technology now allows Augustine Strings to offer the original nylon treble formula but with perfect intonation.


The Augustine Classic Treble comes in our Blue, Red, Black, and Gold. They have a warm, round, mellow tone that is preferred by artists looking for the traditional “Segovia Sound” and the sound of that era. In fact, it was decades before alternative nylon and carbon fiber materials were introduced for classical guitar strings. So when one listens to the recording of the early legends of the classical guitar – Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams or the infamous Brazilian duo the Abreu Brothers, they are hearing the Classic Treble. •True to the original nylon string developed by Albert Augustine and Andrés Segovia •Perfect intonation, warm and mellow tone •Classic sound "


  • Classical String Set
  • Medium Tension
  • Gold Plated Basses"

Augustine Classic Med Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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