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Cioks 3050 Flex Cable - Type3


Length: 50cm / 20 Inches


5,5/2,1mm DC plug, centre negative angled / L-Shape


This standard Flex cable should be used to connect a pedal to an outlet of a CIOKS power supply.  Type 3 Flex cables are fitted with a yellow centre negative 5,5/2,5mm DC plug.  Compatible with Line 6 unit such as the HX Effects, HX Stomp, HD Bean, POD HD 500X or older POD HD units, Firehawk FX, Amplify FX100, AC pedals needing the same plug size and a few other DC units.  Please always check the plug size and polarity needed as stated on the pedal itself or in the manual.

Cioks 3050 Flex Cable - Type3

SKU : CIOKS 3050
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