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Korg TM-70C Combo Tuner Metronome


CM400 Contact microphone is included with this unit.


Complete functionality in a compact body. The TM-70T, the long-awaited tuner and metronome combo is here.

The TM series, a ground-breaking concept of a combined tuner and metronome, boasts a wide variety of functions and outstanding visibility and is the ultimate tuning and rhythm training item for wind and string instruments.
The latest model, the TM-70T, further elevates the original concept making it easier to use than ever. It is not only small enough to fit in a pocket, but features a new display with improved visibility, and a new transpose function (F, Bb, Eb) , making it the ideal partner for any musician. The sound quality of the metronome and sound out has also been enhanced so that it is easy to hear even in noisy environments.
The quality, speed and accuracy of the tuning, which is essential to every performance, has also been enhanced.
The TM-70T is completely "Made in Japan", which is a testament to Korg's pride and commitment to quality as a leader in the tuner/metronome world for many years.


Tuner Section


12-note equal temperament

Detection range*

C1 (30.47 Hz, A4=410 Hz)–C8 (4566.56 Hz, A4=480 Hz) for a sine wave

Reference Tone

C3 (121.89 Hz, A4=410 Hz)–C6 (1141.64 Hz, A4=480 Hz), 3 octaves

Tuning function

Meter, sound out, sound-back, transpose

Calibration Range

A4 = 410 Hz–480 Hz (in units of 1 Hz)

Detection accuracy

Better than ±1 cent

Sound accuracy

Better than ±1 cent

*Even if the pitch is within the range of detection, the TM-70T/ TM-70C may be unable to detect the pitch if the sound contains numerous overtones or has a rapid decay.

Metronome Section

Tempo Range

Quarter note = 30–252 beats per minute (bpm)

Tempo settings

Pendulum step, full step, tap tempo

Time signatures

0–9 beats, duples, triplets, triplets without the center beat, quadruplets, quadruplets without the center beats

Tempo accuracy

±0.3 %

Main Specifications


Input jack (3.5 mm monaural mini-phone jack, unbalanced), headphones jack (3.5 mm stereo mini-phone jack)


Dynamic speaker (23 mm)

Power Supply

Two AAA batteries (3 V, zinc-carbon or alkaline)

Battery Life

When using the tuner only Approx. 250/150/85 hours (backlight: Off/Soft/Auto, A4 continuous input, using alkaline batteries)
When using the metronome only Approx. 200/130/75 hours (backlight: Off/Soft/Auto, tempo of 120, four beats, maximum volume, using alkaline batteries)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

107 x 72 x 18 mm / 4.21” x 2.83” x 0.71”


79 g / 2.79 oz (without batteries)

Color Variations

Black, White

Included Items

Quick Start Guide, CM-400 contact microphone (TM-70C only)

Accessories:  CM-400 contact mic included.

Korg TM-70C Combo Tuner Metronome

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