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Optima Brian May Signature Guitar Strings


.009 .011 .016 .024w .032 .042


24 carat gold plated, roundwound, hexagonal core - How would his hits have sounded if Brian May had used conventional strings? But he chose the SOUND OF GOLD and we are proud that our strings have made and continue to make a small contribution to Brian May's great success. 


BRIAN MAY Signature is a set tailored to Brian, developed with him and specifically for him. A highlight of the art of string making. The Plain Steel strings are made of high-quality, nickel-plated steel wire and are additionally coated with real gold. The wound strings are wrapped with gold-plated braiding wire. 100% Made in Germany.

Optima Brian May Signature Guitar Strings

SKU : 2028BM
29,50C$ Prix original
26,55C$Prix promotionnel
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