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ProPik® Flat Thumb Pick Medium Classic


Slip this combination thumb pick and flat pick on your thumb and you are ready to play finger picked licks, strummed chords, and single-note melodies. Versatile Thumb-Flat eliminates pick switching and other daredevil maneuvers. Play with greater musical expression with this two-in-one guitar pick.


The Thumb-Flat is now available in two tonal flavors: The “Tear Drop” and the “Classic.” The “Classic” features a #351 style flat pick and produces a slightly brighter tone than “Tear Drop.” All Thumb-Flats feature a rotatable flat pick so the player can angle the pick to their liking.



  • Plectrum Thickness: 0.40"/1mm
  • Material: Nickel-Silver/Delrin Combo
  • Made in USA

ProPik® Flat Thumb Pick Medium Classic

SKU : 11-207-3013
18,50C$ Prix original
15,73C$Prix promotionnel
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