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The ProPik stainless steel fingerpick is like having good, better and best all rolled up into one. You will get a comfortable fit and thanks to industrial-strength stainless steel, a pick that you can count on using for decades.


In addition to the long shelf life of stainless steel, this pick is corrosion resistant and polished to a high sheen. The result is an ultra-slick surface that minimizes drag on the string.

Just as brass and nickel-silver have their own unique tone character, so does stainless steel. In the scheme of things, the tone of this pick is slightly brighter than nickel-silver.



  • Gauge: .018"
  • Blade Style: #2
  • Made in USA

ProPik® Standard #2 Straight Stainless Steel

SKU : 11-201-3122
18,50C$ Prix original
15,73C$Prix promotionnel
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