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Sound Synergies Stage Sound Lighting Lubricant


Lectricare Stage, Sound, and Lighting aerosol spray lubricant and conditioner.


2 oz. aerosol.


Many factors come together in creating a stage sound production. Lighting systems, audio mixing consoles, microphones, cable snakes, wiring, etc. make amazing things possible yet can also be vulnerable to damage from oxidation build-up, heat, and friction. LECTRICare’s advanced StageSound & Lighting conditioning and lubricant formula protects and maintains electronics from excess wear, heat, and friction.

The product’s innovative micro-barrier lubricant technology also improves and enhances contact of conductive elements like jacks, plugs, posts, grounds, etc. to ensure that drop-outs, hum, static, or interference won’t be a show stopper.

Sound Synergies Stage Sound Lighting Lubricant

SKU : SS12402
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