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Thomastik-Infeld 315B Oud Strings


The plain trebles are manufactured from specially treated synthetic material. The low strings have a multi-strand synthetic core and are wound with finest silver plated copper wire. The third string can be supplied either plain (312) or wound (317). The string's undamped resonance is long and rich. Its strong higher partials give the player advantages in all registers.


Set 315B includes strings 310, 311, 317, 313, 314, 316


310I2 StringsSynthetic
311II2 StringsSynthetic
312III2 StringsSynthetic
313IV2 StringsSynthetic core, silver wound
314V2 StringsSynthetic core, silver wound
317III2 StringsSynthetic core, silver wound
316VI1 StringsSilverplated copper round wound

Thomastik-Infeld 315B Oud Strings

SKU : 315B
56,69C$ Prix original
48,19C$Prix promotionnel
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