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4.0mm thick - 1 1/8" wide - 1 3/16" long


Man oh man ~ !  This is a huge tone!


Shaped like a regular guitar pick, but a bit bigger all around.  Lots of pick to hold on to and yet a very familiar feel due to the shape.  A lot of players just like the standard guitar pick shape.


Huge mids, creamy high end and fat, fat bottom.  


This pick is a beautiful Ruby Red.  Just gorgeous!  It is also 100% hand made on a spinning bench grinder.  So, it will not look perfect as if it came out of a mold, because it did not.  It is also flame buffed and heat tempered.  If you hold it up to the light, you will see the flame marks.  Just consider this mojo!

V-Picks Tradition 4.0 Ruby Red

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